About Us

About Us

You can think of us as an entry, a portal...a gateway if you will. A gateway to a world of educational opportunities that go above and beyond your wildest dreams.

All of the schools we partner with are highly accredited, rich with history and reasonable. So if you're going back to school after taking some time, starting your degree for the first time or just taking a couple of credits to further your career we can help.

Our Story

Educate for a Better Tomorrow was founded by a select team of Academic and Marketing Executives who recognized the opportunity to help the under-served market of historical black colleges and universities develop full-service online curriculum programs and increase enrollments for students and communities, while also emphasizing retention and student support functions.

A product of EOServeCorp. (Education Online Services Corporation), Educate for a Better Tomorrow speaks to students in a language they can understand. Our company was founded on the belief that a better tomorrow comes from a stronger today. That's why our site is dedicated to helping students begin their academic career in a way that is both understandable and practical.

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